Favourite sites and why we like them

Here's a few sites and apps we like and a few reasons why.

Favourite sites and why we like them

Strava - www.strava.com


I use this App every day to log my training and keep up to date, and get a bit competitive, with friends and their training.

Yes it is a standalone App but is essentially an extension of the website and offers pretty much all of the functionality that main website offers. Aside from the actual GPS tracking functionality that is the basis for the App I think the success of the thing comes from the social integration and it is a great example of how Gamification can be used to attract and keep users.

Strava offer their product on a Free and also Premium basis. I pay for Premium as I like the fact that I can enter monthly challenges and get more in-depth data from my activities to make sure I am on track with training.

The App UI is really clean and intuitive whilst offering a very detailed look at my data.



The Government - www.gov.uk

I know i'm lining myself as a target for choosing the most dull of all websites for my favourite pick, but give me a chance to briefly explain why.

This is naturally a content heavy website but gaining access to your desired content is particularly slick.  By adopting the 7 digital principles laid down by the Government Digital Service, the gov.uk website focuses on the needs of the end user. The 'Do less' philosophy on each page really works for me - lots of web applications fail because there's no focus or goal on the page.  The site focusses on clearly delivering the most important content on the page.

Whilst simple in appearance, the design user experience really works.  And it's not just me that thinks this.  The Gov.uk website has won the Design Museum's top prize for Design of the Year, which may come as a surprise to some, but I think it's worthy.

Then there is the nerd element. All Gov.uk's core code is released via an open collaboration platform called github , which pulse8 also use as a development tool. That means members of the public can suggest corrections and improvements. Most of Gov.uk software is open source – meaning the platform is not subject to licence payments, code delays from vendors nor proprietary lock-in. 

Sorry it's not the most exciting of choices but i'm a big fan of smart delivery of content and this one ticks a lot of boxes for me.



Spotify Website & App - www.spotify.com

I’ve always enjoyed listening to music but Spotify has made that process a whole lot easier.
Spotify makes it easy to discover new artists and bands, allowing you to experience a sample of their music without committing to buying an entire album. There are millions of tracks and artists from all genres and it’s easy to find new music by using the built-in radio service or browsing through related artists to find music that matches your tastes.
There is both a free and premium (paid for) service. The free service is supported by advertising – much like the commercial radio. The premium service is advert free and includes extra features such as higher quality music and the ability to download albums or tracks to a mobile phone or tablet.
Arguably artists don’t do as well through Spotify, some famous names refusing to put their music on the service because they believe it detracts from album sales. There is still plenty of music to choose from and as a consumer I find the flexibility and convenience too good to ignore.


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